Engagement Shoot

I found our wedding photographer Katie Grant via her Instagram account and instantly fell in love with the dreamy quality of her film photographs. Katie is based in Australia but travels all over the world as a destination photographer and had previously shot at our wedding venue in Italy - it felt like fate.

Katie happened to be in the UK the November before our July wedding and asked if we’d like to meet face-to-face and have a pre-wedding photoshoot; but Katie doesn’t do things by halves. She wanted to do it in Snowdonia, Wales. ON Mount Snowdon. I managed to convince Mr S that it would just be another climb with a few photos thrown in (he’s competed in the Three Peaks Challenge so I knew this would appeal to him). That was until Katie mentioned a black lace and tulle Claire La Faye ballgown, a tuxedo and a beautiful Wild Bunch bouquet! Somehow he still said yes, although he reminds me daily that I still owe him massively for this one (100% worth it).

It rained the entire time we were there, it was BITTERLY cold and Mr S was also really unwell but Katie is a genius and you’d literally never know any of it from her beautiful images. You can take a look at some of my most favourite photographs from the shoot here.

All images by Katie Grant.