All Black Everything

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What do you get the girl who’s favourite colour is black and is obsessed with fashion? This. You get her this. All Black Everything is the illustrated guide as to how to wear all black outfits 365 days of the year. Actually, it’s the book every fashion conscious girl needs whether she loves black or no. Maybe more so if she doesn’t, she certainly will by the end!


I was lucky enough to be gifted a copy of the book by the author, Sally Faye, for my 30th Birthday - super sweet, no? We follow each other on Instagram for our mutual love of the colour black, fashion and interiors. We’re the perfect match! I took the opportunity to chat with Sally to find out more about her (she lives in the same County as I do, which is impressive when you don’t live in, or anywhere near, London!), the book and why she’s so obsessed with the colour black. I’m pinching her answer for the next time I’m asked FYI. It’s gold:

Chelsea: So Sally, for anyone who doesn’t know you, tell us about yourself:

Sally: Thanks Chelsea. I’m Sally Faye, a fashion and beauty illustrator based in the UK. I have a passion for interiors that has grown over the past 3 years while we’ve renovated our Georgian townhouse, a huge love for fashion and a wardrobe that is 95% black. I’m also the author of All Black Everything - an illustrated guide on how to wear black and my first illustrated book!

C: Eeek! Before we get into the book, tell us how you got into illustration in the first place?

S: My degree is in Printed Textiles for Fashion but throughout my 3 years of learning about screen printing I had discovered fashion illustration and become obsessed.

I moved back home to Shrewsbury, took up a full time job in an office and spent all of my spare time drawing and sharing my creations online.

My hairdresser at the time was relaunching her salon and asked if I would create some fashion illustrations and draw them all over the salon walls. A local design agency spotted them and asked me to do the same in their offices, in return they built me a website and introduced me to the marketing and design world. 

I quit my job and started hanging around the studio, taking on any illustration projects for their clients and building my own portfolio in between. 

I made a list of brands I wanted to work with and drew anything and everything to get their attention. Instagram was fresh and new and it was easier to get your work seen, my work was being noticed, ASOS re-grammed one of my illustrations and my following grew overnight. The projects I had been longing for started to come through, I was working with different agencies around the UK and across the world illustrating for the brands I had written on my dream project list and more! 

One of Sally’s brand illustrations for Viktor & Rolf

One of Sally’s brand illustrations for Viktor & Rolf

C: Oh amazing! I love this. Hard work and perseverance pays off! What would you say is your favourite piece of (your own) work to date?

S: Ooooh that’s a tough one! My favourite illustration in the book is on page 101, the frayed denim and YSL heels.

I’ve always loved drawing eyes, they are my go to note pad doodle, so any beauty project that involves eye looks is always a favourite. 

And the Kate Moss illustration hanging in my hallway is definitely in my top 5.


C: I agree, that Kate Moss is something else! One of my personal favourites in the book is the statement leather jacket on page 158 - the detail on those studs!! Incredible. Doesn’t hurt that my favourite ever Balenciaga booties are on the opposite page!


C: Ok so that leads us nicely, and it’s what we’re all here for; tell us about the book!

S: The book is called All Black Everything, it is an illustrated guide on how to wear All Black 365 days of the year. It was illustrated and written by myself and designed and published by The Curious Agency.

I had wanted to create an illustrated book for a few years now so there’s been an idea niggling away for a while. It was while I was out walking the dogs one afternoon that the All Black Everything theme came to mind, I called my partner and told him the idea, he’d mocked up a cover design before I’d even put Apple Pencil to iPad and we started from there.

That was over 12 months ago now, I think the first illustrations and chapter list were created in June 2017 but it wasn’t until January 2018 when I rebranded and had the new website designed and built that we decided we would publish the book ourselves and put time into my schedule to work on it every day.

It was terrifying, I hadn’t written anything since my dissertation and had so many creative blocks at the beginning I was convinced it wouldn’t happen. By March I had over 100 illustrations and the designer, Sophie, had started laying out the chapters, as nerve-racking as it was sending over my un-edited words and art work she knew exactly how I wanted it to look! We worked on the book every week until it was sent to the printers in November.


C: It’s truly worth all the time and effort. You should be so proud, it’s such a beautiful piece of work! Where can everyone get their hands on a copy so they can see for themselves?

S: The book is the first product (hopefully of many) that is available to buy directly from my website - as it was designed and self-published by the Curious Agency this was the first place it was available. It has recently been stocked in Waterstones which is extremely exciting and is soon to hit the virtual shelves of another online retailer.

C: I could take a guess as to who that might be! Ok, so a question I get asked all the time - Why black?! (I mean, I know why but why do YOU love it?)

S: I trust it. I never have to question it. Both in my work and in my wardrobe.


C: DEAD. I couldn’t have answered that better myself! Ok, so you spend half your life illustrating incredible fashion, if you could own one piece of all black designer gear - what would it be?

I’m very lucky that I already own my dream black heels - a pair of Black Valentino Rockstuds that I was lucky enough to get for my 30th, but if I could open my dream All Black wardrobe it would be full of the latest Saint Laurent & Annie Bing and over flowing with designer black boots and bags!


C: Can we share it? haha..

S: Yes! Absolutely!

C: Babe! Ok so the book is out, it’s doing incredibly well. What’s next for Sally Faye? Any future projects you can tell us about?

S: I’m hoping to add more products to my website, we’re currently looking at producing prints of illustrations featured in the book. 

I’m also continuing to work on fashion & beauty illustration briefs but unfortunately I can’t name names at the moment, some projects aren’t going live for another 6 months so keep an eye on my Instagram for announcements.

C: Ugghhhh… the suspense! I’ll be keeping an eye out for sure! I can’t wait to see what’s next for you. Sally It’s been so nice chatting to you. Thank you so much for telling me and The House That Black Built readers all the insider gossip.

S: Thanks so much for having me Chelsea! I’m so pleased you love the book.

Getting my fix of All Black Everything in The Sad Room

Getting my fix of All Black Everything in The Sad Room

Don’t forget you can grab your own copy of All Black Everything now. Sally is even offering 15% discount this month with code Galentine15 - click here to purchase.

I’d love to know what you think in the comments - do you already own the book? Or will you be purchasing? Let me know…

K, love ya, bye xx