Anniversary Shoot

After our wedding (or maybe I should say during?) we became very good friends with our wedding photographer and florist/stylist Katie and Janna. We agreed that we would meet up the year after our wedding and Santorini ended up being the perfect place. Convenient , no? I’ll do another post about our week-long holiday and any tips we have for Santorini (and also Paros where we spent a few days - such a beautiful island and we have the best AirBnB recommendation). But this is about our impromptu ‘Anniversary’ photoshoot in Fira, Santorini on our last night. I just happened to have packed a tuxedo for Mr S, just in case. I mean, we were going on holiday with a wedding photographer and stylist, it was on the cards. My beautiful dress was Janna’s own from For Love and Lemons and she let me keep it!!! Ugh. So lucky right?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy browsing some of my favourite photos from the shoot. There are a lot. Sorry. Also it was v. windy. But that will probably be obvious, my hair is unruly!

All photos by Katie Grant assisted and styled by Janna Brown.