house tour

The House That Black Built was initially, and still is, a place to share our home renovation project and so where better to start than a tour of our very own Victorian Villa (that’s estate agent fancy talk for a three bed, one bath semi with on street parking, dontcha know):


We had walked past our home countless times before it came on the market (it’s literally across the road from Mr S’ parents) and had always found it an intriguing property with bags of curb appeal. IMO. With it’s pretty little porch and stained glass windows it was always a house I wanted to see inside of and when we eventually did, well, it was even better than we imagined…


the hall, stairs & landing

Full of Victorian charm, the entrance sold the house to us within 30 seconds of our first viewing. We gave it a mini makeover in 2017 (there was a LOT of blue), you can catch the before and after makeover details here if you like.


the ‘front’ living room

This is where we spend all of our time ‘living’ but (for the past 4 years) none of our time decorating. It was the first room we attempted when we moved in and whilst it’s not terrible, we made a huge mistake with sofas (blue?!) and it just affected the rest of the room - still a huge fan of the striped wallpaper though, obvs! It’s high on the priority list for a makeover in 2019; think calm, sophisticated and cool with panelled walls, neutral colours and more velveeeeeettttt.


the sitting room

AKA The Pink Sofa Room / The Middle Room / The Half Black & White Room

Our ‘grown-up’ sitting room. In reality, an awkward shaped space that we found difficult to assign a purpose. Or style. Click here to see the evolution of this room into a stylish space for entertaining or relaxing with absolutely essential and extremely delicious pink velvet sofas.


The Kitchen

The most recent refurbishment, although still not quite complete. You can read here (blog post coming soon) where we chose to spend and where to save/DIY to create our dream kitchen on a tiny budget.



Yes. A UPVC conservatory. I know. It would never have been our first choice, or second, third or fourth for that matter, but it’s what we have and the ceiling price for homes in our area (and our purse strings) just wouldn’t justify the cost to update to a more fashionable, crittal-style. (Cue crying). HOWEVER. I have a design plan to execute in 2019 that might even make a conservatory insta-worthy. Watch this space!

the master bedroom

This room has never been decorated. We installed the shutters and carpet but that’s it. Who doesn’t need a fireplace and sink in their bedroom though, huh? 2019 will be a busy year…!


This was the first room we seriously renovated, due to a leak from the shower into the sitting room below. See how we transformed this space but kept most of the original suite here.

the sad room

An instagram favourite. A personal favourite. What was once a cold, miserable, dirty-white dumping ground of a room, is now a boutique-inspired guest bedroom. Before and afters and a DIY tutorial for creating your own panelling coming soon!


the dressing room & LOFT

‘Dressing Room’ is possibly the loosest term EVER for this unloved space. I can’t even begin to photograph this for you. It has the stairs that lead to the loft and the plan is to convert the loft to a bedroom (with ensuite hopefully) and have this room as the walk-in wardrobe. For now there is a spare mattress, piles and piles of clothes and shoes and any other things we can’t find a home for. You can occasionally catch a glimpse of this room on Instagram Stories as it’s only redeeming feature is a floor to ceiling mirror. Perfect for outfit selfies.